We have assembled an experienced team covering respective categories to service your needs. This portal is designed to give you a quick overview of our team, who we are and how we can help you. All our category relationship managers are experienced partners, some of whom you may already know, and who lead teams of key personnel with similar experience and strategic expertise. We look forward to partnering with you, offering our consistently excellent and responsive legal advice that delivers results and enhances your strategic partnerships and connections.

Panel Relationship Manager

Chairman of Partners
Dominic McGann

State Government Industry Lead

State Government Industry Group Lead
Ren Niemann

Primary Panel Category Managers

12: Workplace and Industrial
Mick Moy

Public Law / General
Peter Stokes

Supplementary Panel – Category Managers

1: Major Projects
6: Building and Construction

Ren Niemann

4: Planning and Environment
5: Compulsory Acquisitions

Stuart Macnaughton

7: General Corporate and Commercial
Damien Clarke

10: Taxation and Revenue
Mark West

13: Technology and Intellectual Property
Alex Hutchens

14: Complex Litigation
15: General Litigation
16: Prosecutions and Advocacy
Guy Humble

Key Panel Support

Director of Business Development and Marketing
Sue Dean

Business Development and Marketing Manager
Kate Chaundy